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Berm Riding Wear

CAMO-KEL Mountain Bike Mudguard

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Supporting the awesome guys and gals at Southside MTB Club with a donation of $5 from the sale of every CAMO-KEL Mudguard. Southside Mountain Bike Club, is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to promoting the sport of mountain biking in the Southern Cairns region. So if you love a splash of green, help us support the local community and go custom with a CAMO-KEL mudguard.

Thanks to Dirtsurfer Australia, BERM Riding Wear's custom printed mountain bike mudguards are 100% Australian-made, 100% recyclable and 100% kick-arse. Protect your face, fork seals and stanchions with Dirtsurfer™

DESIGN: Specially designed to protect your face, fork stanchions and fork seals by deflecting the water, mud and crud (whatever form that might be) that is thrown up from your tyre. If you've ever copped mud in your eye or poo in your teeth, you already understand the value of a Dirtsurfer.
MATERIAL: Made from a custom-extruded polypropylene (using 50% recycled and 50% virgin material) that delivers a lightweight yet stiff and durable base material.
ENVIRONMENTAL: Dirtsurfer Mudguards are 100% recyclable so your green credentials have improved.
ARTWORK: Showcasing BERM Riding Wear's signature artwork in a range of colour options. Created in house, all of BERM Riding Wear's prints are original and unique. Printed using the latest in high resolution UV flatbed print technology direct to polypropylene. UV cured and direct cut.
WEIGHT: A measly 28g, perfect for racers, weight weenies (and everyone else)
WHEEL SIZE: Suits all mtb wheel diameters from 29+ right down to the now somewhat retro 26"
INSTALLATION: 4 zip ties is all that is required for a snug and secure fitting to your fork. The recommended installation method is outlined on the display card supplied.

Keep that mud off your face and hit the trails in style!